Artificial insemination dept of ADFCA tackle more than 3000 cases last year
Artificial insemination dept of ADFCA tackle more than 3000 cases last year
1/3/2012 12:00 AM
The Artificial Insemination Department of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) is planning a number of initiatives for the Animal Wealth sector in the emirate for the year 2012.

The initiatives include embryo transfer services for camels, developing the required techniques for diagnosing infertility problems among farm animals, incorporation of artificial insemination techniques for sheep and goats and selection of strains.

During the year 2011, the department has successfully tested embryo transfer in camels and treated more than 3000 cases of reproductive ailments and infertility among farm animals.

The department's technical team consisting of five veterinary specialists is treating infertility and reproductive disorders through a number of methods. This includes infertility treatment for farm animals (cows, camels, sheep and goats) and horses in association with ADFCA's veterinary hospitals and clinics, artificial insemination using frozen semen, early detection of pregnancy among farm animals and horses, use of embryo transfer techniques in camels to preserve and augment outstanding hereditary features, productivity improvement among farm animals through field research and strain selection, in addition to awareness programs for breeders to increase knowledge on all the above mentioned areas.

In fact, the setting up of a department for artificial insemination and embryo transfer was in line with ADFCA's mission for developing the animal wealth sector towards more sustainability for agriculture and food safety so that safe and secure food supply for the community is guaranteed

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