Animal welfare a pioneering Islamic practice: AWES Section Organizes the 6th session of "My Services are Unique"
Animal welfare a pioneering Islamic practice: AWES Section Organizes the 6th session of "My Services are Unique"
9/12/2011 12:00 AM
In fulfillment of the strategic priorities "enhance awareness and education" and proactively build stakeholder network & knowledge sharing,"  AWES Section organized a lecture entitled "animal welfare: a pioneering Islamic practice" by Dr. Hamid Ragab Hamid, the Acting Manager of the  AWES Section. This was part of the series of awareness sessions "My Services are Unique" targeting ADFCA employees.

In the opening speech, Dr. Hamid warmly welcomed the attendees from ADFCA and the representatives of the Emirates Welfare Society and the Environment Friends Society. Thereafter he reviewed the historical establishment of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and highlighted the functioning of the animal wealth sector and its strategic objectives and functions.

Early in the main topic of the presentation "animal welfare: a pioneer Islamic practice" Dr. Hamid reviewed the historical changes in the understanding of the term animal welfare and the different interpretations of the words animal welfare, animal rights and animal protection. Thereafter, he presented the teachings of the Holy Quran with regard to animals, reflecting the consistent inclusion of the different classes of animals in the Quranic chapters and verses. Dr. Hamid detailed man-animal relationship in Islam and draw the attention of the audiences that animals in Islam are considered as nations and the principle of rewards for the good doers and punishment for the bad doers/violators is the   base for man-animal relationship.

In the last part of his presentation, Dr. Hamid Ragab enlisted some of the animal rights in Islam which include, and not limited to, prohibition of verbal abuse, respect of feelings, prohibition of overloading and prohibition of the abuse of the animals. He concluded that animal rights include their welfare and that is a unique Islamic concept.

Colonel Saif AlShamsi, the Financial Trustee of the Emirates Animal Welfare Society, Mrs. Mariam Mohammed Amin Ahmad, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Environmental Laws Committee of the Environment Friends Society and many of the members of the two societies attended the lecture.

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