Animal Feed in Abu Dhabi Reach the Farmers after Stringent Quality Tests, ADFCA Says
Animal Feed in Abu Dhabi Reach the Farmers after Stringent Quality Tests, ADFCA Says
7/21/2010 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi, July 21, 2010: The safety of animal feed, distributed to livestock growers through feed delivery centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is beyond any shadow of doubt as it is subject to a series of tests before being released for use and to a stringent monitoring regime, stressed an official from Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA).

Pointing out that the safety of animal feed is germane to food safety and public health, the ADFCA official said the close attention paid to the quality of animal feed was integral to the government's vision for sustainable agriculture and maximum food safety. "Alongside the safety of animal feed, the government also takes care to make it available to the farmers at a reasonable price. Apart from the laboratory tests and inspections in the stores and warehouses, we also have a permanent committee that follows up feed quality issues and take quick actions in case of any complaints," he added.

Referring to the common perception that some animal feeds that appear tanned are rotten, he said it was a wrong notion. "In countries such as Spain where sunlight is absent for a long period of time, the feed is put to dry in ovens in lieu of sunlight, leading to slightly brownish appearance. Some people mistakenly regard this as a sign of rot," he explained, asserting that the animal feeds brought into the emirate are of the best quality available and to international standards.

In regard to the shortage in feed production within the country, ADFCA spokesperson said a comprehensive strategy for attaining self reliance in this area had been put in place by the Authority's Agriculture and Livestock sector. "The idea is to encourage farmers to produce quality animal feed in a way that does not lead to overuse of natural resources such as water. A sustainable and environment-friendly feed production resulting in total self-reliance is our eventual goal," he added.

Disclosing that the immunization program for animals, recently launched under the slogan (Cattle are a blessing and let us protect them by vaccination), showed excellent results, he said the program led to a tangible drop in the incidence of endemic diseases affecting livestock and to better immunity from diseases in Abu Dhabi, the Western Region and Al Ain. "Our net work of veterinary clinics and hospitals, numbering 28 and located across the emirate, meet the demands of animal growers in an expeditious and efficient manner," he stated.

He called upon animal growers and farmers to sign for the Authority's recently launched Blackberry service for regular updates and advices on food safety, agriculture and animal health.

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