New Types of High Quality Hay to be Made Available by ADFCA from Next Week
New Types of High Quality Hay to be Made Available by ADFCA from Next Week
4/20/2011 12:00 AM
Animal Feed


From next week onwards, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority(ADFCA) will make available to farmers signed on to the feed support program two types of high quality hay.

Offered at discounted rates of AED 15 and AED 20 for 25 KG packs respectively, the fiber-rich and concentrated types of hay will provide a nutritious and healthy feed option.

Mr. Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication & Community Service at ADFCA said that the program would encourage local hay manufacturers to play a significant role in providing high quality feed for the animals in the emirate�. �The new types of hay being sold from next week onwards will result in increased birth rates for the animals and production of higher quality milk and meat,� he explained.

 Of the two types of hay, the fiber-rich variety dark green rough hay will range in size from 1-3 cm in length and 9 mm in diameter and will have 6-8% crude protein content. Concentrated Hay from barley, maize, wheat bran, soya beans or sunflower will have sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and salt and about 16% crude protein.  Yellow or brown in color, its size will range from 1-3 cm in length 6 mm in diameter.

Since the 25 kg sacks of both types of hay are convenient to store and transport, farmers will find them much handier. The cumulative ingredients of the types of the hay being offered are guaranteed to provide the animals with all the sources of nourishment that they require.

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 20, 2011