Al Ain Municipality Officials Visit ADFCA
Al Ain Municipality Officials Visit ADFCA
5/19/2011 12:00 AM
A delegation of officials from Al Ain Municipality visited Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) today for discussions on the Integrated Management System (IMS), its various phases and the challenges of implementing it.

The delegation consisted of Mr. Khalid Ahmed Al Mansouri, Director,   Department of Operations Improvement and Quality Management, Ms. Mahra Rashid and Ms. Fatima Hamad, both virtual Analysts in Policies and Procedures, and Mr. Hamid Saeed Neyadi, Analyst, Media Production.

During the meeting, ADFCA officials briefed the visitors about the IMS project and its phases of establishment. The officials explained that the IMS project was meant to achieve the vision of ADFCA to become an internationally recognized authority.

The officials pointed out that the IMS system would benefit the organization in many ways, such as the transfer of capacity, information and knowledge to the staff, the documentation of all operations, determination of operational risk and selection of staff for training courses.

The meeting was attended by Tariq Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Director of Performance and Quality Management and Ibrahim Hamdan,  Stakeholdersr Coordinator, Strategic Planning & Performance Management.

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