Additional services to facilitate documentation of livestock movement for breeders
Additional services to facilitate documentation of livestock movement for breeders
6/19/2011 12:00 AM
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has announced today that it would provide additional services to facilitate documentation of livestock movement for breeders through toll- free number 800555 in Abu Dhabi.

Now, livestock breeders who have registered their livestock can report all internal and external movement of their livestock (such as sale) internally through the call center. The number of livestock thus reported should not exceed ten at a time.

Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA, said: �We have provided this service because Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is keen to ease all procedures required from livestock breeders in relation to this matter. All one has to do is contact the toll free number and give in all the information requested accordingly.�

�We hope that all livestock breeders cooperate with us, in regard to registering and numbering their livestock and to constantly communicate with us on our toll free number 800555. This is to ensure success in sustainable development of animal wealth according to the best standards and practices as well as achieve all the social, economic, and health objectives.� He added.

Service also includes the process of documenting the movement of livestock from all cases of sale and purchase, gifts and festival participation, camel racing and auction sale of animals, in addition to the transfer of livestock outside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and outside the UAE. All information related should be prepared before calling the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre, including the name of the breeder as on the identity card and ID number (15 digits) location address (E.g. Farms), city or area, contact details and tagging number of the animal reported on (containing 8 digits; 2 small number on the second line and 8 big numbers on the last line of the animal tag) in addition to the type of animal. The Contact Centre still provides all services that were previously available. Those include: special registration requests, numbering of livestock below one month old, numbering livestock which have not yet been registered and numbered, special complaints on livestock which are ill or have been slaughtered outside designated areas(Western Region, Farms, Houses) and numbering livestock who have lost their tags.

ADFCA also provides services to receive complaints and any special inquiries with regard to the AIRS (Animal Identification and Registration System). Information requested will include the following: Registration details, amount of livestock, types of livestock, registration dates, owners name and breeder�s name.

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