AWES Section Meets With the Veterinarians of the Private Sector
AWES Section Meets With the Veterinarians of the Private Sector
8/4/2011 12:00 AM

 AWES Section met with the private sector veterinarians in Abu Dhabi and the western region in fulfillment of the strategic priority of ADFCA "proactively build stakeholder network & knowledge sharing" During his opening speech Dr. Hamid Ragab Hamid, acting manager, AWES Section, emphasized that these meetings contribute to the consolidation of the partnership principle between ADFCA and its strategic partners as it is considered to be one of the most important means to know their needs and strive to meet these needs.

Dr. Hamid presented a lecture with the title �Animal Wealth Sector: Functions and Rolls" �. During this presentation he reviewed the establishment of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, highlighting the hierarchy of the animal wealth  sector and its strategic objectives and functions. Thereafter Dr. Hamid reviewed in details the requirements of animal welfare set forth in the federal law No.16 of 2007. These requirements include: provision of the appropriate housing, the provision of water and feed, necessary treatment and suitable transportation means. The law also states that leaving an animal to become astray is a legal offense. Finally Dr. Hamid displayed with images some of the practices which represent breaches of the animal welfare law.

 Dr. Elniema Abdul Khaliq, acting manger of the animal products safety section " Abu Dhabi and the Western region" valued the initiative of the AWES Section; the output of which will set unlimited benefits to all the sections of the animal production division in specific and the AWS and ADFCA in general..This was followed by a lecture on the technical requirements for the private veterinary establishments presented by Dr. Mohammed Shams- Al Din Sid Ahmed, an inspector in the AWES Section wherein he reviewed  the different technical requirements of the veterinary facilities set in the federal laws and ministerial decrees issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water, explaining the role of ADFCA in verifying the compliance  of the private veterinary establishments in Abu Dhabi to these laws.

At the end of the session, attendees took part in an open transparent discussion that covered the area of work of ADFCA and suggestions for the future meetings were proposed.

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