A Delegation from ADFCA checks the workflow in Al Mushrif Fresh Market
A Delegation from ADFCA checks the workflow in Al Mushrif Fresh Market
7/24/2011 12:00 AM

  Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority visited the new fresh market at Al Mushrif. The delegation involved HE Khalifa Ahmed Al Ali, Executive Director Of Strategic Planning & Performance Manage Sector, HE Mouza Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Food Safety along with a number of inspectors.

The visit aimed to see the progress of construction work at the market and ensure they compile to the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority with respect to the fish market, shops selling meat, and the fruits and vegetables market.The delegation received a detailed explanation by David O'Brien, Fresh Market Manager and bjorn ostebye, Project Manager on the latest developments on the work stages and modern techniques used. In particular, they discussed the process of receiving food, sterilization, displayed units of sale, and equipment that contribute to maintaining the integrity and quality of food products for the longest possible period.

The tour involved other segments of the market as well, a number of points related to mechanisms of displaying national products and the need to provide to consumer have also been discussed. 

The delegates were briefed on the stages of the design and construction of the new market at Al Mushrif since the beginning project planning stage. ADFCA has put together a technical committee to overlook the requirements and ensure their implementation and compliance with best international standards applied in the fish, meat, vegetables and fruits market in the world. The new market features 74 fish markets 41 shops for meat and dairy products and 31 shops for fruit and vegetables in addition to a number of restaurants and cafeterias.

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