ADFCA Issues 61 Warnings, 4 Penalties for Food Establishments
ADFCA Issues 61 Warnings, 4 Penalties for Food Establishments
2/20/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) conducted the largest-ever inspection campaign in Abu Dhabi, encompassing 80 food establishments in Al Zayani Area, Abu Dhabi in one single day.

This campaign undertaken by 30 inspectors from Supply and Retail- Food Safety Department, ADFCA, has resulted in 25 warnings for supply establishments, 36 warnings and 4 fines for retail ones, while 15 establishments were found meeting ADFCA�s food conditions.

Some of the violations ADFCA�s inspectors spotted at the campaign included unlicensed food activities as well as undesirable practices related to work area and personal hygiene such as food storage and equipment safety conditions. 

Mr. Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communication and Community Service, ADFCA, said, �Some of the issues the inspectors encountered in their campaign related to the lack of awareness amongst food establishment workers about how to store food, how to practice hygiene. These are precisely the issues our tailor-made food safety treating programme focuses attention on.�

�Some of the violations detected are technical or related to the mandatory standards required by food establishments to follow. Cracks seen in walls and floors, broken grounds, lack of maintenance at food preparation areas, and showcasing food products directly on the floor rather than specially-placed shelves are among the violations. Other breaches included improper storage such as putting food in the same shelves with detergents, storing in excess of the permitted levels in refrigerators, placing eggs out of the fridges or mixing vegetables and fruits with other foods in wooden or paper boxes. Moreover, inspectors noticed that in some food establishments frozen chickens, meat, vegetables and fish were put together at the top of the fridges. The reuse of empty bottles was another issue,� he added.

�This year will experience more Emirate-wide inspections that will tackle all food-related activities. They aim to provide the highest degree of safety for consumers, especially on occasion such as Eids, Ramadan fast and so on�, Al Reyaysa concluded.

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