4/5/2011 12:00 AM

Al - Reyaysa: We look forward to continued cooperation of livestock owners to further the benefits of this program

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) announced that the target volume of work, scheduled by its Animal Identification and Registration System (AIRS) for the current period, has been completed and was up to date. The AIRS team registered an estimated two million animals in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. The team visited an approximate number of 14,234 farms, where they tagged 225,261 camels, 17, 03,390 sheep and 30,915 cows.

The ADFCA -task force set up to implement AIRS has a total of 55 teams, each team comprised of four members. The AIRS teams will continue the task of ensuring completion of its work on all farms in and around the emirate. ADFCA urges all livestock owners that are not yet tagged to coordinate with the team and contribute to making this system successful.

ADFCA� spokesperson said: �The Animal Identification Registration System has indeed introduced multiple benefits for the animal sector  in the emirate. It provided a clear and accurate vision to different animal types and their spatial distribution. It has helped control the outbreak of diseases and the spread of epidemics.  It has also helped in the early detection of diseases that allowed us to provide a rapid response to emergencies. The system has also helped implement and track the integrated vaccination program set for each animal. All of this will positively influence the achievement of ADFCA�s objectives and future strategic plans, which aim to sustain the animal wealth of the emirate.�

�Stage 1 of the Animal Identification & Registration System is considered a government initiative in line with international best practices and standards in order to maintain its integrity and sustainability and to form an integrated database of species and numbers,� he added.

 The spokesperson urged farmers and farm-owners to continue to cooperate with the AIRS teams. He called upon those who have not yet had their livestock tagged to call toll free at 800555 and to fill out a form, available in clinics and on the website, documenting the movement of livestock and to hand it over to the nearest veterinary clinic in case of animals being transferred, sold or slaughtered. �The AIRS teams are always prepared to receive your calls, answer questions and to meet all necessary requirements,� he added.

Under the AIRS which was initiated in October last year, all the tagged livestock are being well-observed and the system now extends to newborns and also to livestock received from outside the emirate. The AIRS campaign is in line with Abu Dhabi government�s vision to achieve sustainable livestock resources as per the highest international standards and attaining the emirate�s social, economic, health and environmental objectives. 

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 05, 2011