ADFCA Solicits Global Know-How and Investments at Hannover Messe
ADFCA Solicits Global Know-How and Investments at Hannover Messe
4/6/2011 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi, April 6, 2011: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has extended an open invitation to German companies and the scientific establishment to partner in the food and farming industry in the emirate with investments and exchange of scientific and technological expertise.

The appeal was made by Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, Director of Communications and Community Service at ADFCA, while speaking at the Abu Dhabi Economic Forum, held yesterday on the sidelines of the Hannover Messe, a Leading Industrial Technology Fair in Germany.

ADFCA stressed that German partnership in all three spheres of its engagement � food safety, farming and animal wealth � would be mutually beneficial. "In light of Abu Dhabi's recent initiatives at improving food security with private � public partnership, German companies will find many investment opportunities in the emirate," Al Reyaysa pointed out.

"The farm to fork monitoring, enforcement and legislative system that ADFCA presides over has resulted in the creation of a congenial business environment.  Opportunities for investment in food and agro-industries increase day by day. The business environment in the emirate in general, and in the food industry in particular, is attractive. The fact that we adhere to international standards and best practices to their letter and spirit, I hope, will encourage investors from developed countries to come to Abu Dhabi and feel at home," Al Reyaysa said.

"We would welcome new technologies in agriculture and up to date knowledge and expertise in farming practices and crops suitable for arid desert environment, sustainable use of water in farming and livestock management," he explained, addressing a large gathering of German entrepreneurs and government officials.

"The facts and figures about the growth in the industry also confirm our optimism. Currently valued at about $6.78 billion (Dh25 billion) with a growth projection of 4-5% per annum for the next four years, the food industry in the UAE is uniquely dynamic. This, coupled with the 20% annual increase in tourist arrivals to the region, will serve as a definitive boost for the food industry for vertical and horizontal growth. Food industry has globally been one of the immediate beneficiaries of growth in tourism. The contribution of the hospitality industry to Abu Dhabi�s GDP was valued last year at AED 6.4 billion, while the total consumption of food products in the UAE is worth a whopping $4 billion," he explained.


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