ADFCA Organizes Seminar on Perfect Balance of Animal Food
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority organized a seminar on the practical balanced animal feed
7/6/2011 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority held an extension session in cooperation with Agthia, the parent company of Grand Mills for flour and feed.  The awareness session comes among a series of programs that explain to the animal owners the advantages of the concentrated feed ADFCA started to distribute through its fodder distribution centrers.

In the opening session, Dr. Hamid Ragab Hamid, Acting Manager, AWES Section of the Animal Production Division of ADFCA addressed a lecture under the title "best practices in farm management,"   In the lecture Dr. Hamid enlisted; empowered with photos;  the most important requirements for the successful management of small scale traditional animal production farms "izba". Dr. Ahmed Dikhil Feed Sales Manager, Grand Mills for Flour & Feed, defined in the second lecture of the seminar the components of feed detailing the impacts of the deficiencies of these components on the animal health. Dr. Dikhil also compared the composition of some traditional feed to balanced concentrates highlighting the health as well as the economical benefits of using the concentrated feed.

In the last presentation, Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Yousif, Manager of the Animal products safety section of ADFCA shared with the audiences the results of an experiment which had been conducted by the U.A.E. University wherein dried palm leaves were used as a ration to fatten sheep after mixing with urea. Organization of such sessions serves ADFCA strategic priorities "contribution to the bio-security by ensuring the health of animals and plants" and  "establishing a network and exchange of information with the strategic stakeholders" which are derived from the  strategic priorities of the Government of Abu Dhabi "insuring  food supply of the emirate" and "ensuring food safety."


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