AWES Section of ADFCA organizes meeting with livestock owners in the Western Region
AWES Section of ADFCA organizes meeting with livestock owners in the Western Region
9/15/2011 12:00 AM
The Animal Welfare & Extension Services Section, in collaboration with the Animal Identification and Registration Section, the Veterinary Services Section �Western Region and the Awareness Section of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), held a meeting with livestock owners in the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The meeting was part of the efforts toward proactively building stakeholder network & knowledge sharing. Dr. Hamid Ragab Hamid, acting Manager, AWES Section, said in his opening remarks that meetings "like this would go a long way in updating livestock owners about ADFCA's strategies and plans for the Animal Wealth sector. They contribute greatly to bio-security and food security by ensuring animal health and safe animal production in line with Global Agricultural Practices."

Dr. Ragab said ADFCA had begun distributing palette feed to the animal owners. "Palette feed offers many advantages such as balanced nutritional content, easiness of storage and minimal loss. Good feeding is a an important components of good farming practices. Other good practices include waste management, proper housing, availability of clean drinking water and segregation between the animals based on the species, sex, age and production stage," he explained.

Engineer Amjad Darwish, acting Manager of the Animal Identification and Registration section of ADFCA illustrated the benefits of the registration system which was commenced by ADFCA last year. "The benefits include  the establishment of realistic data base for livestock in Abu Dhabi which help in organizing and controlling the governmental subsidiary programs offered to the livestock owners as well as the future policies and plans for the livestock sector," he pointed out.

An open discussion was held at the end of the meeting where the main obstacles that faced the livestock owners were identified and suggestions for improved services proposed.

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