ADFCA Intensifies Food Inspections in the Western Region
ADFCA Intensifies Food Inspections  in the Western Region
10/27/2010 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi, October 27, 2010: In an inspection campaign targetting food establishments in Madinat Zayed in the Western Region, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has visted, in the presence of a group of media persons, 27 food establishments. The inspectors issued 13 warnings and ordered the destruction of 25 KG of food items during the campaign.

The campaign covered a variety of food establishments, including butcheries, fish market, restaurants, traditional kitches and fruit and vegetable shops. Out of the 27 targetted today for inspections, 14 proved to be fully compliant with ADFCA�s standards and specifications.

The reasons for the warnings ranged from bad hygiene and use of improper dishes to failure to show the licenses. A major chunk of the destroyed food was fish in the fish market, where the inspectors found fish on display to be on the verge of rotting.

�The Western Region is very special to us because of the historical and  traditional importance of the region for the  Emirate of Abu Dhabi and for the UAE. We want to make sure the region receives as much attention as the major urban centres of the emirate. Today�s was the eigth inspection campaign, during which we not only detected and warned  safety violations, but also distributed awareness materials to educate food establishments on our rules and regulations,� said a spokesperson from at ADFCA.



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