ADFCA's Emergency Response Plans Elucidated at International Conference
ADFCA's Emergency Response Plans Elucidated at International Conference
3/6/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) participated in the second edition of the annual conference on "Business Continuity and Emergency Response" held at Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi. Attended by more than 90 participants from around the world, the conference was aimed at the exchange of expertise and experience among world bodies on how to respond to various emergencies without disrupting business.

Dr. Fadi Al Natur of ADFCA's Policy and Regulation Sector reviewed the strategies and action plans of the Authority for food-related accidents and emergencies. Dr. Al Natur elucidated on the Authority's continuous efforts at keeping pace with global developments through communication with local, regional and international bodies in order to avert potential emergencies and accidents. He also reviewed international best practices in this regard, ranging from risk-based analysis and gradation of emergencies to the role of strategic partners and the time frame required preempting waste of time and duplication of efforts during sensitive situations.

He stressed on the need for a clear communication plan that is constantly updated to include all strategic partners at local and global levels as well as modalities to communicate with the private sector and the general public during food crises.

Al Natur explained that among the basics of preparedness for food-related accidents was the availability of experienced and qualified staff who could deal with crises expeditiously to mitigate their impact on food safety and on the consumers. Prior preparedness is the foundational step in evolving effective response which comprises specialized laboratories for tests and necessary procedures to assess the risks emanating from food products and farms.  

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