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2/26/1997student in universtiy multimedia Student0509488118hamdalmheiri@hotmail.com784199746838731Individual
Short VideoAgricultural SustainabilityIn University
I'm a student in multimedia i have created different kind of films , animation , and posters. but working in video production is a challenging were you can see the result of your hard work. i worked on creating documentary film about the fish market it was 6mins long, also i have created a public service announcement in the year of tolerance, in the semester I've filmed an artist and produced a short documentary about her art piece.
6/23/1998Animator, Drawing,
Motion VideoLivestockIn University
One of the reason I want to enroll to this compettion, is to push myself toward my dreams and goals, one of my main goals is to help animals, As a veggi and animal lover, Been searching and writing about different kind of breeds for almost 3 years now. I also did a short motion film about the Exotic animal.
9/1/1996bachelorsinternational relations Creative Lab Community 784199694284623Individual
Short VideoFood SafetyADAFSA's Accounts on Social Media
2/14/2002student student Student0569719962raiha2002@gmail.com78420021394314Individual
PosterFood SafetyIn University
I would like to participate in this competition because I think I have the skills to design a creative poster. I have worked on science fair boards and projects for the last 3-4 years where I had the opportunity to express my artistic skills. I have also painted canvesses for my schools display.
11/24/1994Bachelors in Mass CommunicationPublic
BrochureLivestockIn University
I was great skills in graphic designing and I have been working in many projects to design official and formal brochures and poster. This is great opportunity for me to design a brochure for ADASA and provide me time and skill for a good cause.
10/11/1995applied Media applied Media DegreeStudent0502206476890abdalla@gmail.com78419957049302Individual
PosterFood SafetyIn University
I would like to enter this competition to educate people about how can combine two cultures in a poster
PosterLivestockIn University
I want to participate so I can give an idea of the livestock in our culture.
10/12/1991studentعلوم بيئة واستدامة Employee0504932768m.budhabi@hotmail.com784199121831822Individual
PosterAgricultural SustainabilityEmail
5/31/1993Bachelors DegreeMedia & CommunicationCreative Lab Community Member0505661008muflahi@live.com784199396370266Individual
Short VideoAgricultural SustainabilityCreative lab at twofour54
I believe that I will be able to produce truly artistic content with aims to promote change and/or showcase the authority's work.
10/11/1984Bachelor’s degree in Graphic DesignMultimedia Design, Filmmaking and PhotographyCreative Lab Community Member0505074363awad.firas@gmail.com784198480259419Individual
Short VideoLivestockCreative lab at twofour54
I'm a documentary filmmaker, I love adventures and capturing moments, places and nature. Through my cinematography, I can tell a story... I can take you with me to another place, and after living in Abu Dhabi for more than 2 years now, I know Abu Dhabi with its islands and nature has a lot to offer when it comes to livestock and agriculture. I was shortlisted among the top 10 Filmmakers to compete in the Samsung Short Film Contest at Dubai International Film Festival, 2016 As well as Abu Dhabi through your eyes competition in 2018, I have submitted a 1min and 24-sec videos in two different categories This is Abu Dhabi (Full version of the 24-sec video) 1 min video
1/17/2000studentenvironmental scienceStudent0562299188rawan_aljaberi111@hotmail.com784200015864182Individual
PosterAgricultural SustainabilityADAFSA's Accounts on Social Media
new experiance
Motion VideoFood SafetyIn University
As a Multimedia designer, I want to gain more experience. Also, I want to try something new and different. And to get chance to win.
9/21/1999High School Diploma, Currently University Student, Editor of Media Team of Medical Student's AssociationMedical Student (MBBS)
Short VideoLivestockEmail
I am participating in this contest to challenge myself and further develop my interest and passion toward film making. I have always wanted to share imaginative snippets that cross my mind and I feel this is a platform I can use to lay out and structure these thoughts into one organised film that culminates with the audience gaining insight into the message I am trying to convey. I am already involved in the media team of the Medical Students Association at the College of Medicine at the University of Sharjah, where I am a student. And being involved in these extracurricular activities, and engaging in many innovative projects have been my saving grace in the long path of my medical journey.
7/29/1996Undergraduatr Media and Creative IndustriesStudent0504808992XX.JO0Y.XX@HOTMAIL.COM78419960627320Individual
Short VideoAgricultural SustainabilityIn University
I am interesting in shooting videos and make short movies so that to share awareness messages to the community by those simple movies. I am a student from UAEU, I participated and won in a competition of short movies in our university and the time of competition was very short so i didn't get enough time to prepare high-quality movie.
1/11/1996bachelorApplied media - Corporate
PosterFood SafetyEmail
Because I have a creative talent and I can spread awareness in an innovative and attractive way so I decided to participate in the competition
1/11/1996bachelorApplied media - Corporate
Short VideoAgricultural SustainabilityIn University
Because I have creative thinking and I want to contribute to the awareness of the community and add my talent and design Motion Graphic Video awareness
PosterAgricultural SustainabilityEmail
I want to join this competition to do awareness for the people and show how anyone can be a creative person.
PosterFood SafetyIn University
I health and fitness