ADFCA Responses to Food-related Rumors
ADFCA Responses to Food-related Rumors
6/30/2013 12:00 AM

Corn Flakes

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has confirmed that the corn flakes products available in the local markets are safe for consumption. They have been subjected to several laboratory analyses and found to be safe.

Some corn flakes manufacturers add the element of iron to their products in an effort to supplement their nutritional value. This is an internationally approved practice quite in tune with the standards and specifications and is done within the permitted quantity.

Vietnamese fish

ADFCA denies there is any defect in the Vietnamese fish Basa. It is rumored that they are contaminated and carcinogenic, but our analyses proved that they are fit for human consumption and free from carcinogenic or contaminating agents.

ADFCA works as per procedures based on international best practices that approve incoming foodstuff supported by official certification from the country of origin.

Potato Chips

ADFCA denies the rumor that some types of potato chips cause cancer among children and that they violate the rules by adding banned coloring agents or preservatives.

The only item mentioned in the rumor contains a coloring agent that is not allowed in the UAE as per the UAE specifications No. 23/2000. This type of chips contains coloring agent 421. But it is not a dangerous or carcinogenic agent, and is permitted in European Union countries as their legislation permits the use of this coloring agent in foods.

Contamination of citrus fruits

ADFCA denies the rumor that cautions against the transmission of viruses from cutting surfaces to citrus fruits or to other fruits kept inside or on the sides of glasses of juices. Citrus fruits in general and lemon in particular have distinct preventive capacity because they contain high quantity of concentrated citric acid.

Several studies done on oils extracted from citrus peels have confirmed that they are endowed with bactericidal properties, making them a potential alternative to antibiotics.

Aluminum Foils

ADFCA confirms that the proper use of aluminum foils within the permitted range in food packaging or in cooking utensils do not pose any health risks. Around 14% of aluminum produced globally is used for food packaging and cooking utensils and they do not cause any health hazards.

The normal use of aluminum does not pose any health risks within the proper range. In these normal circumstances, the concentration of aluminum in the body reaches 100 mg per day (including aluminum content from other sources) and this is far less than the amount that could cause harm to the body.

Andomi and Maggi white noodles

ADFCA confirms that the Andomi and Maggi noodles are safe for consumption and the additives used in them are within the permitted range. They do not pose any health risk.

The lab analyses done by ADFCA's laboratory division confirmed that the additive E 621, also called mono sodium xx is a white crystalline substance soluble in water. It is used as a nutritional supplement or for desired flavors in most varieties of foods such as dry soups in its different shapes and forms.  

Energy drinks

ADFCA follows methodical procedures in dealing with food-related rumors. We monitor constantly those food items rumored to have unsafe and energy drinks are among them. Inspectors of ADFCA collect samples regularly and send them to labs to ascertain their safety.

ADFCA would like to clarify that all food items entering the emirate are subjected to primary tests even before the permission to import them through the border crossings is given. Samples are sent for lab testing even before they enter the market and once their non-compliance with standards and specifications is confirmed, they are returned to the source forthwith.

Chewing Gum and Aspartame

ADFCA denies that the Extra and some other chewing gums sold in the Abu Dhabi markets contain pork derivatives. The manufactures of these products were contacted and they provided documents that refute the rumors. These were in turn reconfirmed through DNA analysis using Real Time PCR method in ADFCA labs. These tests confirmed they contain no pork derivatives.

ADFCA confirms that additives, including artificial sweeteners are continuously studies and their health risks are evaluated. Their use is regulated through standards and specifications and they are not allowed to be used in children's foods. The labels of food items are required to contain information about potential harms.

Pork-derived Gelatins

ADFCA confirms that it has the technological knowhow to detect pork derivatives in whatever form. We deny that the chewing gums Extra or Marshmallow sold in local markets contain pork derivatives.

We thank the customers for contacting us and would like to assure them that we would publicize through the media and our website any problem detected in any food item even as we continue to persistently work towards better food safety in the emirate. We request people not to fall prey give heed to rumors.


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