World Food Day Event 2013

World Food Day Event 2013

 Thursday Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized community awareness events within the " Auwn" program activities for community service as part of celebrating World Food Day 2013 which falls on October 16, under the slogan 'Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and nutrition" 

A group of ADFCA staff members took a tour around the workers areas during which they distributed food gifts to workers to impart awareness information and to raise their understanding of food and improve their personal food related practices for a better life supported by healthy food. 

ADFCA also, in association with Abu Dhabi Community Police Department, organized awareness event about food safety and the importance of healthy food, which targeted school students in "International Community School" in Abu Dhabi. Students were approached during the morning assembly and they were given gifts such as ADFCA awareness publications and "Zaduna" animation film. Students were also introduced to ADFCA's role and their important questions were answered.  

ADFCA called upon its staff to follow a healthy diet based on healthy products. This was carried out by sending e-mail letters to all the staff and distributing fruits baskets among the staff to encourage them to get used to healthy foods.

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