Vision, Mission and Values
An internationally recognized food and agriculture organization that contributes to the well-being of the community
To develop a sustainable agriculture and food sector that ensures the delivery of safe food to the public and protects the health of animals and plants while promoting sound agricultural and food practices through cohesive and effective policies and regulations, quality standards, research and awareness.
Teamwork We will work together toward achieving our common vision and always direct our individual accomplishments toward our organizational objectives. Professionalism We will maintain our professionalism through continuous professional development and exposure to a wide variety of operational activities while keeping close contact with subject experts to ensure best practices are embedded in each of our business activities. Leadership We will lead our organization through positively influencing our behavior and that of our stakeholders to deliver the Priorities of the organization. Service Excellence We will strive to provide the highest level of service to our stakeholders at all times in a consistent manner.             CommitmentWe will stick to the goals and values of ADFCA and we will work at full capacity to accomplish business tasks efficiently and effectively to increase productivity and improve corporate performance. ​
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  • Last Updated On: Sep 09, 2018