ADFCA Seminar on Pre-requisite programs In Slaughterhouses
ADFCA Seminar on Pre-requisite programs In Slaughterhouses
6/3/2013 1:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) organized a seminar on the "Pre-requisite programs In Slaughterhouses" at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Mubarak Al Muhairi, Acting Director of Animal Production Division, inaugurated the seminar. 

The seminar, held by the Animal Production division of ADFCA, saw the participation of a number of representatives of Red meat and poultry slaughterhouses, besides veterinarians, slaughterhouses supervisors as well as ADFCA inspectors. 

The seminar, aimed at implementing ADFCA policies with a view to ensuring biological security through guaranteeing the health of humans and animals as well as food safety, was also an occasion to exchange with stake holders. It stressed the importance of providing suitable infrastructure for slaughterhouses and implementing healthy operational practices and complying with all the rules and regulations to ensure food safety and the well being of consumers.

The seminar included a number of working papers. The first was on "The Importance of Implementing Health Rules and Related Legislations during the Design of slaughterhouses", presented by Dr. Mutasim Ibrahim of ADFCA. He elaborated on the rules and regulations required to be implemented during the design phase, illustrating it with examples.

The second paper on "Tools and Equipment at Slaughterhouses" by Engineer Khaldoun Abdullah surveyed the infrastructural aspects of slaughterhouses, with special focus on the latest tools and equipment. Dr. Siddique Omar of Abu Dhabi Municipality, who presented the third paper on "Cleaning and Disinfection in Slaughterhouses", stressed on the need for compliance in the aspects of Cleaning and Disinfection. ADFCA Inspector Mr. Dhilip Kumar spoke on "Waste Management in Slaughterhouses", explained different types of slaughterhouse waste, its treatment methods and safe disposal.

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