ADFCA Stresses the Importance of Using Safe Sources of Water
ADFCA Stresses the Importance of Using Safe Sources of Water
6/15/2013 1:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has stressed on the importance of using safe sources of water while dealing with foodstuffs. This is to be done either through the use of drinkable water in cooking and washing food items or through filtering water. In addition to these, the water containers must be examined regularly to ensure they are contaminated.

The statement came during a lecture by Dr. Mansour Abdul Lathif, Senior Inspector of ADFCA, organized as part of the World Environment Day Celebrations under the slogan 'Reduce Your Food Print.' The Department of Awareness at ADFCA held the event.

he spoke at length about the principles of food safety, adherence to which will protect from food poisoning and help save medical expenses and human lives. He stressed washing hands properly was a key step in ensuring food safety, in addition to safe separation between food items, be it in the shopping cart or at home. He said it is equally important to keep raw food and cooked food separately in the freezers and refrigerators, besides using safe water in dealing with food.

The speaker clarified that the first preemptive step against food poisoning is sound thinking about dealing with food, which starts manifesting itself at the stage of shopping, as balanced shopping and identification of the requirements are among the prerequisites that go a long way in saving costs and reducing wastage. He said that the shopper should not buy more than what he or she requires. The shopper must begin by purchasing the less risky items first like cereals and canned items, leaving the risky items such as frozen and refrigerated foods to the end of the shopping.

The speaker also reviewed the segments of the society that are more vulnerable to food poisoning, such as the elderly, the children, pregnant women and the sick.

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