ADFCA continues inspection drives on food facilities during Ramadan
6/30/2015 12:00 AM

As part of taking extra vigil during the holy month of Ramadan, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has beefed up its inspection campaigns on food facilities operating across Abu Dhabi emirate.

So far the authority has carried out 13 surprise inspections on the facilities including hotels, restaurants, bakeries, catering services and food production units in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region.

During these visits ADFCA officials checked whether the facilities follow food safety rules and regulations while preparing, cooking, serving, displaying, storing and transporting food products.

Sub-standard products were seized and warnings and notices were served to the facilities which found to be not meeting with the criteria and standards set forth by ADFCA.

Some facilities were imposed with fines for serious faults that might pose risk to the public health & safety.

According to Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division of ADFCA, inspectors have served 92 warnings and 46 notices to various facilities during these campaigns.

He said four facilities were imposed fines and some 27 kg of sub-standard products were seized during the first two weeks of Ramadan.

"We found 62 facilities having met all kind of requirements and standards set by the authorities which gives us a positive sign that our relentless efforts to educate the businesses on food safety knowledge work well" Eng. Thamer said.

He elaborated:-"ADFCA's inspections focus primarily on the awareness side. The more effectively we disseminate awareness the more perfectly businesses perform. As we see the food safety risk is comparatively high during the summer and Ramadan seasons we increase number of inspections to ensure the health and safety of consumers"

He also urged public to be more aware while purchasing and eating food during Ramadan.

"If you notice anything that may harm public health and safety, inform authorities by calling at 800555"- he reminded.

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  • Last Updated On: Jul 23, 2015