ADFCA carries out inspection on several farms in Al Wathba
6/27/2015 11:00 PM

After receiving several complaints from farmers on not getting irrigational water properly due to manipulations made on the pipelines, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has inspected several farms in Al Wathba area recently to monitor the situation.

During the two-day campaign to monitor the situation, field team from ADFCA Agricultural Development Division comprising three inspectors found that several manipulations were made on the main irrigation pipelines such as unlicensed connections and water diversion installing pump sets.

ADFCA inspectors issued fifteen warnings during the campaign and asked the violators to remove the alterations and other manipulations before ending the warning period.

Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division said further actions will be carried out against the violators if they fail to get rid of the alterations before the warning period ends.

He also hinted that ADFCA inspectors will be closely monitoring the situation throughout the given warning period.

He said ADFCA is keen to develop a sustainable agricultural sector with sustainability and best agricultural practices as its main features.

"Manipulating the pipelines and making illegal alterations on them are a clear violation which will hinder evenly distribution of water resources among the farms" he said.

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  • Last Updated On: Jul 21, 2015