ADFCA vet labs become the first ISO 17025 accredited lab in the world for detecting corona virus in camels
7/26/2015 11:00 PM

Veterinary laboratories of ADFCA- Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority have become the first accredited laboratory in the world to detect corona virus in camels according to ISO 17025. The new achievement comes after the UKAS- United Kingdom Accreditation Services accredited the ADFCA laboratories for carrying out detection of corona virus in camels.

In this regard, Dr. Salama Suhail Muhairi, Director of ADFCA Veterinary Laboratories Division said:- "In line with the Strategic Plan of Abu Dhabi pertaining to ensuring bio-security, the veterinary laboratories division has put much effort to develop the diagnostic testing systems used to detect animal diseases, as part of strengthening the efforts to protect livestock in the emirate"

"In this journey, dedicated for the development and protection of our animal wealth, we have marked a number of achievements which include not only the introduction of the rapid detection test of corona virus in camels and the application of molecular bio-technology but also to have these tests accredited according to ISO 17025 from UKAS" She continued.

According to Dr. Salama the Veterinary Laboratories Division is carrying out several scientific researches to learn more about the epidemic nature of corona virus, of which articles have been published in a number of leading scientific journals. Moreover, the division has attended several seminars and workshops having global importance to share knowledge and experience about corona virus in order to empower the global fight to curb this disease.

She said ADFCA has recently signed an agreement with the World Animal Health Organization- OIE for capacity building of animal disease detection and identification by which the veterinary laboratories of ADFCA will be considered OIE Reference Centre for camel diseases in the region.

It is learnt that the establishment of OIE Reference Centre for camel diseases in the region will bring positive changes in the areas such as diagnosis, validation of vaccination programs, camel disease research, epidemic studies, development of prevention & control plans, scientific and research consultation and training & development of human resources.

Moreover, this center is expected to be the scientific source for the OIE and its member countries in relation to camel diseases providing recommendations that could help in decision making in the area of animal diseases.

It is noteworthy that there are a total of 49 OIE Reference Centers dealing with 46 animal health subjects located in 26 countries around the world. As no center among these deals with camel diseases, ADFCA veterinary laboratory will be the first and only OIE Reference Center pertaining to camel diseases in the whole world.   

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