ADFCA wins International Business Excellence Award in the best government service category
5/24/2015 11:00 PM

Adding yet another feather to its crown of glory, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has won the International Business Excellence Award constituted by Awards International, in the category of best government service, of which the declaration came during the Business excellence Awards Conference held in Dubai.

ADFCA was entitled for the international recognition for its technology advancement initiative Animals Identification & Registration System (AIRS), a government initiative in line with the international standards and best practices intended to have a mechanism for improving livestock planning, food safety, maintaining safety and sustainability of animal wealth and create an integrated database of animal numbers and species.

On behalf of ADFCA, Omer Al Nuaimi, Director of Information Technology & Communications Division received the award during the award ceremony held in Dubai.

On this occasion, Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Acting Director of Communications & Community Service Division said: "The award highlights ADFCA's keenness on effective use of Information Technology in line with its business strategy with the objective of achieving competitiveness, improvement in procedures and enhancement of best customer relations"

He pointed that ADFCA had to get through various phases of evaluation including expert scrutiny, interviews and presentations before emerging as the best government service organization from the list of contestants hailing from different parts of the world.

"ADFCA has been always keen on exploring the possibilities of Information Technology and exploit its potentials whenever it initiated a new plan or service with the objective of saving time and effort for the customers" said Omer Al Nuaimi in this regard.

He said the award winning IT based initiative of ADFCA not only went beyond the status of a well-executed project but also emerged as model for how the innovative use of modern technology could transform performance of government services in a way that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

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