Lecture on Certified Food Scientist Program
6/17/2015 12:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized a lecture program for its employees, aiming at introducing Certified Food Scientist (CFS) program and the requirements and procedure with regards to the certification.

The lecture, which was delivered by Dr. Yusuf Al Saadi, the first Certified Food Scientist in the UAE shed light on the importance of preparing professionally trained personnel in the field of food in order to accelerate the journey towards a food safe society.

Underscoring the strategic importance of food science he described about how to secure the Certified Food Scientist title after fulfilling the requirements which include academic qualifications and work experience and after passing through the prescribed examinations.

His lecture shared an insight to the position and role of a CFS as well as pointed to the responsibilities he have to shoulder before and after the certification.

Dr. Yusuf also enlightened the audience on the global scenario of CFS certification and the demographic distribution of CFSs across the world.

He also shared his personal experience during the journey to become the first Emirati to be given the title of CFS.

The program was organized by the Communication & Community Service Division of ADFCA.

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