ADFCA to use hybrid cars within its inspection patrols
10/15/2017 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced it will use hybrid cars in its inspection processes. In cooperation with Massar and Al-Futtaim Motors companies, the move aims to reduce costs, risks, fuel consumption and to preserve the environment.


The authority has adopted the use of these cars due to its high efficiency in terms of saving fuel and reducing emissions that can affect the environment. It also comes within ADFCA's plan which aims to adopt all environment-friendly technical and technological systems, to achieve the rational use of available, and to implement the environmental health and safety standard.

In this context, Mr. Saeed Jassim, the Acting Director of Communication and Community Service Division at ADFCA, said: "ADFCA is keen on rationalizing the use of energy and preserving our natural resources through carrying out integrated awareness programmes. These activities aim at introducing the public to the importance of energy and the need to rationalize its use, due to its importance in establishing the massive developmental projects in the country. Using hybrid cars in ADFCA's inspection patrols comes as a first step, in which the authority will measure the suitability and efficiency of these vehicles in fulfilling its needs in the area of transportation."


Jassim stressed that this step is an expression of ADFCA's commitment to its community responsibility to preserve the environment, address climate change, save energy at the local level, and to enhance its efforts to create and achieve a clean, safe and sustainable environment to enhance the reputation of Abu Dhabi.


He also noted that ADFCA is keen on reducing excessive energy consumption as well as reducing global warming and environmental problems. Mr. Jassim further stressed the importance of concerting efforts to attain sustainable use of natural resources, preserve the environment, develop the natural resources such as energy, to maintain the right of future generations to use it.

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