Tang products available in Abu Dhabi Markets are safe and fit for human consumption: ADFCA
6/14/2015 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has confirmed that the products of Tang available in Abu Dhabi markets are safe and fit for human consumption.

The statement of ADFCA comes following rumors spread through social media sites about holes found on cans of the product.

ADFCA has cleared that the holes spotted on the cans aren't a violation to any approved rules followed in the emirate as they are set by the manufacturing company itself in order to pass the air out of the bottles lest the cover burst due to the variation of air pressure in and outside the bottle, a phenomenon found in the areas lying above sea level.

Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Acting Director of Communication said in this connection:- "What is spread through social media is just a rumor without any backing of facts. All food products available in Abu Dhabi markets are subject to ADFCA's stringent control mechanism and therefore safe and suitable for human consumption. The inspection system at the boarders is in line with the latest advancement in the food control field and no shipment is allowed to enter the emirate without fulfilling the approved requirements and standards"

"Upon receiving complaints we formed teams to investigate on the issue and found that the said holes are made during manufacturing of the cans and are part of the functions of packaging. The approved rules we follow here allows any kind of packaging solutions- including smart packaging which responds to the changes in product and the environment- as long as it doesn't harm the quality and safety of the product", he said further.

According to him, ADFCA is committed to guarantee safe and healthy food to the consumers in the emirate and hence it always has given priority to consumer's concerns.

He urged public not to rely on any rumors spread through social media platforms and asked to contact official bodies to confirm the authenticity of rumors immediately in order to avoid unwanted confusions and risks.

"Abu Dhabi Government Contact center is open round the clock to hear from the public; so if you notice anything that may risk the public health and safety, rush to dial 800500 to notify the authorities" he said. 

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 15, 2015