Lecture on ‘How to Wash Hands’ at Al-Mahabba KG
5/12/2015 11:00 PM

As part of efforts to spread food safety message to various sections of the society, especially to student community, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized a lecture program at Al-Mahabba Kindergarten in Al Marfaa city in the Western Region, recently.

Seventy students in addition to teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution attended the program, which focused on the scientific ways to wash hands.

Started with a brief description of ADFCA's functions in the areas of food safety, the lecture detailed how the habit of washing hands with clean water and soap serves as a shield to protect human body from diseases.

Habit of washing hands is a best and cost-free method to keep away many diseases including diarrhea and many other respiratory and pulmonary infections, children were told.

The lecture drew the attention of children on how ADFCA is keen on educating food facilities and households to keep the habit of washing hands using soap, as an automatic behavior done before preparing and having food.

Brochures describing best and safe ways to wash hands were distributed after the lecture.

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  • Last Updated On: May 19, 2015