Surprise inspection on Souq Mina markets
6/8/2015 11:00 PM

As part of its efforts to ensure only safe and healthy food is sold in Abu Dhabi markets and as part of the preparations for the Holy Month of Ramadan, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has carried out a surprise inspection drive on various food facilities operating in Souq Mina.

The inspections which were held in the presence of media covered a number of shops that are selling fruits, vegetable and meat products.

During the drive, ADFCA inspectors handed over notices to two shops while destroyed seven kilograms of food products for not meeting with the set standards and criteria in addition to issuing warnings to six other shops.

ADFCA officials found five shops to have fulfilled all the food safety requirements set by ADFCA.

"ADFCA is keen on carrying out routine as well as surprise inspections on all the registered food facilities operating in Abu Dhabi emirate to ensure that food products sold or displayed are safe and fit for human consumption. Inspections help facilities to improve their services while it helps us to evaluate the situation in the facilities in terms of health and safety" said Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, director of Communication & Community Service Division of ADFCA during his briefing to media.

He said Souq Mina is considered to be an important hub of food trade in Abu Dhabi and hence ADFCA has given special attention to ensure the quality and safety of food materials handled there.

According to him, ADFCA carried out 3 inspection drives on various markets in Souq Mina during the first quarter of the current year.

"ADFCA inspectors issued 11 warnings and 2 fines in addition to seizing and destroying 168 kilograms of food materials which found to be not meeting with the standards during the inspections held last month" Al Rayssi said.

Talking to the media regarding the recently spread news about the presence of worms in tomatoes displayed in some vegetable shops in Souq Mina, Mr. Mohammed Jalal said: "Soon after receiving the compliant our inspectors visited the shops but the investigations revealed only four kilograms of vegetables were affected, which we seized and destroyed safely. Actions were also taken against shops for flouting rules"

He said such situation happens when there is microbial infection due to the presence of insect remnants or internal damage of the fruit.

Mr. Al Rayssi urged all shop owners and consumers to be more alert during the month of Ramadan in terms of maintaining the health and safety requirements.

He also urged public to notify ADFCA if any incidents come across which may lead to health and safety risks by calling Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center at 800555.

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 10, 2015