Workshop for supervisors of meat supply companies
5/9/2015 11:00 PM

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is drawing near,  Abu Dhabi food Control Authority has organized a workshop for supervisors of meat supply companies in the Abu Dhabi emirate with the objective of raising food safety awareness and to educate them on the best food handling food practices.

The workshop which was convened by Meat Establishments Control Section at the Animal Control Division of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority shed light on the concept of 'Self Control' as well as on other rules & regulations in force pertaining to safety of meat products while handling, supplying and keeping it on storage.

"This kind of workshops are organized as part of our continuous effort to raise food safety awareness levels among those who do businesses in the food sector.  Through such programs, we would educate them on approved best practices to handle food and ensure their active participation in the efforts to maintain the high food safety levels we have in the emirate" said Eng. Thamer Al Qasemi, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division of ADFCA, in this regard.

"The workshops gives as a good opportunity to directly interact with business owners and the staff to know their aspirations, requirements and opinions, which is essential to implement food safety rules and regulations in a best and effective manner" he said further.

As food safety risks go high during Ramadan, ADFCA's  precautionary effort to spread food safety awareness in general as well as the efforts to organize special programs to educate various categories of food-related businesses on the best food handling practices, rules & regulations and safety requirements in order to ensure a safe and risk-free fasting period for the people in the emirate, is widely applauded. 

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  • Last Updated On: May 14, 2015