ADFCA organises event to celebrate orphans in Al Ain Mall
10/3/2017 11:00 PM

Through its social service arm - Auwn Initiative, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized, in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent (Al Ain branch) and Al Ain Mall management, an event titled "A Glimpse of Hope" for orphans. Held at Al Ain Mall, the event came within ADFCA's keenness to highlight the values of tolerance, volunteerism and community service.

During the event, ADFCA hosted a group of orphaned children in the mall's theater, in which they interacted with various cultural activities organised by the authority. Its employees also presented entertainment activities in an interesting way that combined the entertainment with education. The orphans enjoyed the atmosphere of joy during the event.

In this regard, Mr. Saeed Jassim, Acting Director of Communication and Community Service in ADFCA, said that the event comes within the community initiatives and activities of ADFCA conducted by Auwn Initiative in the "Year of Giving" in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

"The event also reflects ADFCA's keenness to contribute to developing and improving the conditions of society's segments using the available means, both in material and moral sense," Jassim indicated.

He added that Auwn Initiative contributes to the consolidation of public service and social responsibility practices in the UAE community as an example for governmental and non-governmental organisations in this field, to increase the effectiveness' role of institutions.

Mr. Jassim said:" Such humanitarian initiatives serve ADFCA's objectives aim at promoting the social responsibility. They also deepen the spirit of cohesion and consolidation in the hearts of orphans, who need everyone to stand by their side. These initiatives are supporting the achievement of brotherhood among all members of the community, introducing joy and pleasure in the hearts of orphaned children to feel that they are an integral part of the society, and encouraging employees to participate in community service."

The event witnessed the distribution of a number of prizes and gifts to the participating children, which had a positive impact on them. This contributed to bringing joy and pleasure to their hearts. Furthermore, the children have expressed their pleasure for organising the event and thanked ADFCA and the organisers.

ADFCA pays great attention to community service programmes and activities, to achieve the strategic direction of Abu Dhabi government in developing the life of citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi. Through its community service programme "Auwn", the authority seeks to contribute to developing and improving the conditions of society's segments using all the available means.

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