ADFCA organizes workshop to discuss challenges facing local poultry industry in Al Ain
8/1/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized a workshop entitled "The Challenges of Producing and Marketing Poultry," in cooperation with the Food Security Center in Abu Dhabi, to highlight the importance of exchanging knowledge and expertise. The workshop aimed at finding the correct solutions to the various challenges facing the local poultry industry. Held at its branch in Al Ain, the workshop was attended by the Executive Director of the Control Sector at ADFCA, HH Dr. Mariam Hareb Al Suwaidi, and a number of leaders and staff of the two sides, as well as representatives of poultry farms and a number of livestock breeders.


Dr. Al Suwaidi stated that these meetings are major factors in achieving greater advancement in terms of performance, awareness and the commitment to establish the values of joint work, which are necessary to achieve the goals of the wise leadership, to create development, along with social and economic prosperity. She stressed the importance of cooperation and integration in some aspects to achieve the goals of the Authority within the plan of Abu Dhabi, which aims to achieve food security and a sustainable agricultural sector.


"ADFCA's commitment to facing the issues of safety, health and an oversupply of animal products is considered an urgent necessity and a joint responsibility that must be met," Al Suwaidi indicated. She highlighted the commitment to achieving the greater good and deepening the strategic partnership between the government and the private sector, which helps in creating successes that will attract investments, contribute to food security and assure agricultural sustainability.


The workshop, which was attended by several veterinarians and technicians from ADFCA, reviewed the most important challenges and obstacles facing the production and marketing of poultry in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also reviewed the importance of the contribution of local meat products to food security and implementing bio security programs in local poultry farms. The workshop also discussed the importance of combining the roles of governmental and private institutions to improve the poultry industry in the country and identify the challenge facing the industry, whether in the commercial sector or smaller-scale production.

The workshop concluded by setting several solutions to assist authorities in taking the appropriate decisions, which should lead to the production of high-quality animal products and contribute to local food security. It also stressed the importance of increasing the opportunities for greater communication between producers of animal products and the regulatory agencies of the Authority, in light of the continuous communication between the local industry and the Authority, as an important cornerstone for continuous development of the safety standards for meat production and the professional, organizational and legislative status of this vital sector.

The farms specialized in the production of poultry meat in Abu Dhabi are nine farms, with a productivity of more than 23 tons a year, along with seven farms for producing eggs, which produce about 357 million eggs a year. ADFCA seeks to improve and develop the livestock sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This sector is a major pillar in supporting a sustainable national economy through diversifying sources of income, increasing the self-sufficiency of the local products and exploiting local natural resources on scientific bases to achieve the sustainability.

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