Bakery shut down in Abu Dhabi for violating safety rules
5/4/2015 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has ordered closure of a bakery in Abu Dhabi city recently for violating public health and food hazard rules.

According to Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communications & Community Service Division at ADFCA, the food inspectors shuttered Khaleej Bakeries & Pastries which holds trade license number CN-1021835 and running its business in Al Salam Street in Abu Dhabi.

"Food inspectors found many violations in the establishment with regards to general cleanliness as well as unsafe practices related to storage and ventilation systems" said Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication & Community Services Division at ADFCA, in this regard.

Al Rayssi said the stringent control system ADFCA follows contributed substantially in bringing faulting food establishment to the hold of law and to escalate the overall food safety level in the Abu Dhabi emirate to further heights.

He pointed that ADFCA is keen on maintaining the food safety situation in the emirate by adopting a perfect inspection program which covers each and every food establishment, irrespective of the size and type of business they do.

The Director of Communication & Community Service urged public to be alert on any possible faults-committed by food facilities- that will have a negative impact on the food safety situation in the emirate.

He also urged consumers to rush to notify ADFCA if any such incidents come across, by contacting the Call Center at 800555 or through its website or various social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Last Updated On: May 06, 2015