ADFCA Moves into its New Premises in Mohamed Bin Zayed City
ADFCA Moves into its New Premises in Mohamed Bin Zayed City
6/11/2013 1:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) is shifting tomorrow (Sunday, June16, 2013) to the Authority's new premises in Mohamed Bin Zayed City opposite Mazyad Mall.

ADFCA launched last week an ad campaign through print media and radio as well through its social media channels to publicize the move.

His Excellency Adel Khalfan Al Zaabi, Executive Director of Animal Wealth at ADFCA and the Head of the Committee for the new premises, said: "The shift to the new premises will take us to wider horizons and a more integrated work environment, enabling us to provide better services to the public."

"The new premises are marked by better social services that will benefit the staff, such as nurseries for children, gymnasium, food court, car park, banking services and travel and tourism services, in addition to the fact that the new premises are located between two shopping malls, Mazyad Mall and Capital Mall. The staff and visitors stand to gain immensely in terms of services and facilities," Al Zaabi explained.

He stressed that ADFCA would strive to meet the needs and requirements of the various segments of the customers better in the coming period. "In that spirit, we have developed the reception areas and customer services in a wonderful fashion, in line with the directions of the wise government aimed at enhancing the quality of government services," he concluded.

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