ADFCA announces Al Namoos Excellence Award winners
3/2/2015 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently announced winners of Al Namoos Excellence Award which was established to compliment with the strategies of Abu Dhabi Government based on the directives of HH Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince Of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander Of UAE Armed Forces, pertaining to keep special awarding schemes in each and every  government organization aiming at creating competitive atmosphere and ensuring performance improvement.

HE. Rashid Mohammed Al Shariqi, Director General Of ADFCA said in this regard: "ADFCA has put enough effort, from the very first day of its inception, to have excellence as its trait and style and has been able to add a number of noteworthy achievements to its credit, thanks to the support and care given by HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman Of ADFCA"

He stressed that ADFCA has been in the fore to implement initiatives that beaconed for excellence and best performance in the government entities and services and that the Al Namoos, with no exception,  played key in taking the employees towards new horizons in the march towards excellence.

Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division said : "last some months we witnessed high heat of competition among ADFCA employees who joined the race to win Al Nammoos awards demonstrating  their expertise and talent in full. Through the award, we could fish out the capabilities within them as well as drive them towards best individual performance and best services delivery in the field of food ,agriculture and livestock" 

It positively transformed the way they perform; prompted them to ponder over innovative ideas and to sync with new dynamics of work culture replacing the traditional job mechanism, he observed.

Out of the five ADFCA corporate sectors, the Strategy & Performance Sector turned out be the biggest achiever in this year's edition of Al Nammoos awards with the sector winning Golden award in the 'Best Sector' category as well as Silver award in the 'Excellence in Leadership' category in addition to many  individuals, sectors and divisions under the sector marking exceptional achievements.

In the Best Sector category, the Silver award was won by Control Sector and the Bronze Award went to Livestock Sector's credit. The Gold in Excellence in Leadership category was bagged by Policy & Regulation Sector while the Live Stock took away the Bronze in this category.

While the Corporate Systems & Quality Division entitled for the Golden award in the 'Best Division in Service Delivery (internal)' category, Veterinary Laboratories Division won the award for Best External Service delivery.

In the 'Best Division in Developing Human Resources' category it was the Food Control Division that bagged the Golden award.

Facility Management & Service Division emerged winner in the 'Best Internal Website' category with the Golden award while Communication & Community Service Division and Strategic Planning & Performance Management Divisions walked away with the Silver and Bronze awards respectively, in this category.

In the 'Best Projects/ Teams' category, teams worked behind the following projects were selected by the awarding committee for the Golden awards. They are: Animal Identification & Registration Project, Project to qualify 100 farms for obtaining Global GAP certification, Study on water requirements for crops under Smart Irrigation project, Salamt Zadna Initiative and Emirates ID Project

In the individual performance section, HE. Khalifa Al Ali, Executive Director of Strategy & Performance Sector won the Golden award with HE. Mariam Hareb Executive Director of Policy & Regulation Sector and HE. Mohammed Saeed Al Nueimi, Executive Director of Corporate Services Sector following him with the Silver and Bronze awards respectively in the Best Executive Director category.

Coming to the Best Directors category, Thamer Al Qasimi, Director of Projects Division bagged away the Golden award whereas the Silver and Bronze awards were won by Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division and Mohammed Salman Al Hammadi, Director of Research & Development Division respectively.

The list if other individual winners is as follows:

Administrative Supervision category

Ayesha Ali Al Shamisi, Manager of Chemical & Bio-Chemical Section( Gold)

Ali Yusuf Al Saad, Manger of Events& Social Responsibility Section ( Silver)

Hassan Nasser Al Husani, Manger of Employment Section ( Bronze)

Specialists category

DuraiRaj Pandian, Specialist at Systems Division (Gold)

Hassan Mohammed Marzooqi,  Manager of Food Studies Section (Silver)

Mohammed Mahmood Shahada, Strategy Specialist (Bronze)

Technical & Technological category

Ali Hussain Dhahabiyeh, IT Development Expert ( Gold)

Asmaa Abdi Mohammed,  Manager of Samples and & Pathology Division, (Silver)

Nasser Ebrahim Ahmed, Project Designer  (Bronze)

Field Services Category

Abdul Hameed Mohammed Hassan, Agricultural Development Engineer (Gold)

Ayesha Salem Al Kaabi, Senior Hotels Inspector (Silver)

Ali Hassan Al Katheeri, Senior Inspector (Bronze)

Customer Service Supervision category

Saif Khalaf Al Ashkhari,  Manager of Veterinary Services Section (Gold)

Ahmed Abdul Kareem Al Sharaf,  Manager of Customer Service Section (Silver)

Adil Ali Al Shabeeb,  Manager,  Hay Distribution Section  (Bronze)

Administrative Support category

Manei Mohammed Al Ansari, Senior Officer, Documents& Registers Division ( Gold)

Shamma Saad Al Menhaly, Senior Communication & Branding Officer (Silver)

Maisoon Jameel Al Qudra, Technical Assistant, Projects Division (Bronze)

Long Service category

Abdullah Mohammed Abu Aaquila, Plants Disease Researcher (Gold)

Sen Eapen, Financial Auditing Specialist (Silver)

Ali Salem Al Harbi, Head of Mobile Shipment Unit (Bronze)

 New Employees category

Meead Mohammed Al Rashidi, Agricultural Researcher (Silver)

Hamad Saeed Al Nueimi, Stake Holders Coordinator (Bronze)

To evaluate the entries, ADFCA  appointed an external body as well as formed a higher committee to approve the results in a bid to ensure transparency and accuracy. Employees who won the Al Namoos awards will have the confidence to test their ability to join in the race to be entitled for the prestigious Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Award.

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