ADFCA Awareness Lecture at Ministry of Finance
ADFCA Awareness Lecture at Ministry of Finance
4/22/2013 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) organized an awareness lecture titled "Food Safety and the Role of the Consumer" targeting the employees of the Ministry of Finance in Abu Dhabi. This was part of the Authority's awareness initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge of food safety issues among the consumers.

The lecture, delivered by Dr. Hafiz Ibrahim at the Ministry's premises, elaborated on the role of ADFCA in strengthening food safety in the local community and the processes and legislative framework within which it materializes. He gave a detailed account of the violations that ADFCA detected and the quantity of foods destroyed.

Dr. Ibrahim explained the reasons for the rotting of food, ranging from fluctuations in storage temperature to wrong methods of de-freezing, food preparation, arrangement in refrigerators and others. He enunciated the right methods of dealing with food from purchase to consumption.

The speaker pointed out the dangers of excessive consumption of fast food, especially for kids. He also advised on the correct ways of feeding children.

Currently, ADFCA is executing a number of programs on food safety and consumer health, targeting house wives. This is part of the summer initiatives since food hazards increase during the hot months in case of negligence of the rules and regulations across the various phases of food handling.

The Awareness section of ADFCA is currently focusing on bringing out a number of awareness publications and arranging lectures with a view to reach out to house wives, teachers, pupils and female workers in the food sectors with knowledge and information about cross contamination leading to food poisoning.

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