ADFCA Conference on Quality and Safety Systems in Animal Production
ADFCA Conference on Quality and Safety Systems in Animal Production
7/23/2013 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)'s Animal Welfare and Extension Services section organized a conference on the implementation of the quality and safety systems in animal production companies and in veterinary firms. The conference targeted the technical and veterinary staff at animal production firms, slaughter houses and veterinary establishments.

Mubarak Al Muhairi, Acting Director of Animal Production division, inaugurated the conference. He stressed that ADFCA was highly invested in awareness creation on food safety and food quality, resulting in the setting up of a separate section within the Animal Wealth sector to spread the message of animal care and extension services.

Dr. Eunice Taylor, Food Quality and Safety Systems specialist at ADFCA, delivered a lecture on 'the Basics and Applications of Quality and Safety Systems in Animal Production and Veterinary Establishments.' Dr. Taylor reviewed the systems that can be implemented in these establishments in order to ensure food safety on the one hand and the prevention of diseases that spread from animals to humans on the other.

Dr. Hamid Rajab, Extension Services specialist at ADFCA, delivered a talk on 'the Importance of Veterinary Medical Prescriptions.' He pointed out that the federal legislations on veterinary treatment stipulated that the prescriptions must be numbered serially and must contain details of the establishment, date of treatment and the seal of the establishment. He explained that the adherence of establishments to the use of prescription as required would help set up a database that would go a long way in improving the services provided by the veterinary establishments.

In another lecture by Dr. Rajab on 'the Safe Use of Cleaning Agents in Animal Production and Veterinary Establishments,' he said the cleaning agents could be classified into three categories according to their utility � home detergents or general detergents, those detergents that are used in cleaning kitchen utensils and surfaces and hospital detergents used for sterilization and the cleaning of medical equipment.  He concluded that the objective behind the cleaning operation determined the type of cleanings agents that should be used.

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