Omani Shura Council Delegation Visits ADFCA
Omani Shura Council Delegation Visits ADFCA
10/7/2013 1:00 PM

H.E Rashed Mohamed Al Shariqi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), has received a delegation of the Oman Shura Council that visited the Authority with a view to learn about its experience in food monitoring and benefit from it for implementation.

H.E stressed during the meeting in the presence of executive directors that the concern of the wise leadership and the directives of HH the Chairman of the Governing Board were the guiding force behind ADFCA's march forward that began eight years ago. "This march was toward strengthening ADFCA's position among the largest food control authorities across the world. This march has seen many successes and achievements that put Abu Dhabi on the world map," he added.

H.E said that the Authority tried to gain experience and expertise by interacting with international organizations to open channels of effective communication. "This has contributed to ADFCA's keeping pace with the latest in technology in food control, in addition to the setting up of the Scientific Committee that consist of competencies from great countries," he explained.

The delegation listened to a description about ADFCA's work in its different sectors and its ability to manage three fundamental pillars of society: food safety, agriculture and animal wealth. The delegation was briefed about the government's support program for animal feed and the ways in which it is implemented for the benefit of animal breeders. It was also briefed about the investment projects that ADFCA leads in the food sector to set up a reserve of essential food items for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The members of the Omani delegation queried about ADFCA's work and its practical implications at implementation, especially about ADFCA's relations with the private sector, which strengthened the position of local produce in the markets.

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