ADFCA denies authenticity of lettuce video recently spread through social media
10/30/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA)  has announced that the information shared through a recent video clip spread in social media channels alleging that some fast food facilities use a kind of industrial product, resembling to lettuce, in their meals is wrong an unauthentic.  The video that created rumor was showing a man manufacturing something looks like lettuce supposed to use in fast food and meals.

ADFCA sources said the video doesn't give any indication to what the object is made of and for what purpose it is being made. Also, according to ADFCA, the clip is not giving any proof that indicates to the use of the said product in the salads or meals prepared and sold in the food facilities.

Thamer AlQasemi, the official spokesperson for ADFCA said, there has been no notifications regarding this case from any of the local, national or international competent authorities so far. 

According to him, ADFCA is an active member of many food related organizations working on the global scene and is equipped with following up such cases utilizing the information and tracking networks made among these organizations.

In the wake of the new rumor case, Thamer Al Qasemi urged public to be keen on such rumors and not to rely information shared by unauthentic sources.

"For knowing accurate and authentic information about food products and food related cases consumers should contact directly with the competent authorities instead of falling prey to the rumor makers and spreading around the false information" he reminded.

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 31, 2016