ADFCA scores 99% in food safety performance evaluation by MOEW
1/30/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has scored 99% in the 2015 food safety performance evaluation carried out by UAE Ministry of Environment & Water in cooperation with Food & Agricultural Organization of UN (FAO).

The evaluation comes being part of Ministry's program to enhance and develop food safety situation in the country which was executed with a team of experts from FAO. The evaluation team visited ADFCA last year and carried out the evaluation referring to the performance indexes and various legislations drafted and implemented by ADFCA.  

With ADFCA performing excellent according to the 2013 Food Safety Performance Index developed by an expert body comprising officials from UN Food and Agricultural Organization, remarkably escalating its scores from 94% in 2014 to 99% in 2015, Abu Dhabi has emerged as the topper among other emirates of the UAE in the area of maintaining food safety levels and controlling activities.

The evaluation also revealed the strength and integration of various legislations in force in Abu Dhabi and its compatibility to tackle with food safety issues and cases that emerge with the advancement of economy and society. 

It is noted that, it was in 2013, experts from FAO visited UAE and extensively studied food safety systems and regulations implemented by food control bodies in various emirates in order to develop performance indexes that help each emirate escalate in the area of food safety giving focus on continuous improvement programs which altogether contribute in the efforts to guarantee health and safety for the consumers as well as sustainable growth for the country.

While commenting on the results, H.E. Rashid Al Shariqi, Director General of ADFCA said: "We are in constant efforts to translate the vision and dreams of our wise leadership who are always keen to explore the possibilities ushered in by modern development and to keep pace with it in all meanings by adopting globally accepted standards in the social and economic development projects"

Asserting the keen interest to have cooperation with local to global organizations in the way of improving services in the field of food control, Al Shariqi said, ADFCA is an active member organization of International Network of Food Safety Authorities (INFOSAN) which is an offshoot of World health Organization and is actively engaging with latest trends in the field and utilizes the experiences to deliver better food control services to the society.

H.E also referred to several contracts and partnerships ADFCA has entered in to with regional and global organizations in the field of food related research and studies which substantially contributed in developing concepts, systems and regulations that are most needed for an advanced society to sustain with high levels of food safety.

It is noteworthy that Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is continuing to be a comprehensive and integrated model for a food safety and control body since it is the only authority in the nation to adopt legislative procedures that covers across the entire food chain, from farm to fork, in line with the international standards set by Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.

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  • Last Updated On: Feb 02, 2016