ADFCA closes two eateries in Abu Dhabi for violations
8/29/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has ordered closure of Mega Restaurant (CN-0986118) operating in Mussaffah Industrial Area 34, and Dream Star Restaurant (CN-1047875) in Jazeerat Abu Dhabi, Hamdan Street for not conforming to the health and hazard requirements set forth by the authority.

The administrative closure comes after the management of the two eateries fail to better the situations in the business premises and eliminate the matters that cause violations to the regulations. The inspectors had given the management notices and then warnings to end the violations before the authority moved to pull the shutters down.

ADFCA said the restaurants will have to remain closed till the management clears the violations. Once they clear the violating factors, they would be able to run the businesses as was before.

Mega restaurant faced the administrative action from the food control body for failing to avoid reasons causing violation such as presence of insects, poor cleanliness levels, non-provision of suitable containers for raw materials with food energy, poor ventilation in the storage area, keeping cooked food in room temperature in addition to storing food on the flour directly.

According to ADFCA, the reasons that led to the closure of Dream Stars Restaurant were lack of attention to the cleanliness of sewage, presence of waste accumulations inside sewage ways, wrong practices to defrost meat and poultry, presence of cracks and fractures on the floors in addition to keeping cooked and raw food on the floor carelessly.

ADFCA clarified that extreme administrative actions are part of its stringent food safety system which doesn't compromise with the health and safety of consumers.

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  • Last Updated On: Sep 01, 2016