ADFCA honors media-strategic partners at Agriculture Oasis in Zayed Festival
12/28/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has honored its strategic partners who accompanied its success journey in 2016 in a colorful function held in the Agriculture Oasis- authority's stand in the ongoing Zayed Heritage Festival.

Representatives of several organizations received trophies and appreciation certificates in the program attended by dignitaries including HE. Adil Al Zaabi, Advisor to ADFCA Director General, HE. Khaleefa Al Ali, Executive Director of Strategy & Performance Sector, HE. Mubarak Al Mansouri,  Executive Director of Agriculture Affairs Sector and Mrs. Sameera Mujahid, Head of Moroccan Delegation participating in the festival.

Several media companies and ADFCA's strategic partners who participated in the Agriculture Show in Morocco (SIAM 2016) in addition to those who worked behind the UAE pavilion in the show which was adjudged the best pavilion in the event were honored in the function.

In his welcome speech, HE. Adil Al Zaabi, praised the efforts of various strategic partners and valued their contributions in easing and supporting ADFCA's successful journey which was in sync with UAE leadership's vision and aspirations and in line with Abu Dhabi government plan.

"The partnerships we made with you have brought in fruitful results and substantially contributed in achieving the objectives set for government programs in addition to improving our services and operations. I utilize this opportunity to register our heartfelt gratitude for your valuable support in our tasks that aims the happiness and comfort for UAE citizens and residents" he said.

He specially mentioned the partners who accompanied ADFCA to Morocco in order to participate in Agriculture Show in Morocco (SIAM) held in Meknes City as well as those who designed and operated UAE pavilion there which won the best pavilion of the event award.

While referring to the services of media partners, he said media has a great role in disseminating public awareness about food safety and security as well as spreading the message of ADFCA pertaining to the food policies, rules, and regulations to the wider spectrum of eateries, food manufacturers and retailers in the emirate. He said ADFCA's media partners were very laborious and professional in taking authority's message to the wider audience which is essential for any government organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

Highlighting the prime achievements of ADFCA during 2016 in the area of food safety and sustainability of agriculture, he reminded the partners about the heavy and comprehensive work to do in the coming year by activating a mechanism of mutual cooperation between ADFCA and its strategic partners. He urged all kind of support and cooperation by the partners in the next term and hoped effective partnerships would help the authority to achieve the goals and objectives set in the Abu Dhabi plan which have a great role in materializing country's vision for coming times.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 29, 2016