ADFCA Organizes Consultative Workshop with the stakeholders in the Food and Agriculture Sectors
12/27/2015 11:00 PM

The Policy and Regulation Sector of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized recently a consultative workshop with the stakeholders in the private sector. This includes food and agriculture, both plant and animal, and involved representatives from all areas of the emirate. The attendance of the workshop encompassed a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including venders, food processing industries, agricultural suppliers, and primary plant and animal producers.

During her opening speech, Dr. Mariam Ahmed Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director of Policy and Regulation Sector stated that, the workshop aims to promote the principles of partnership and cooperation between ADFCA and the stakeholder groups in the private sector.

"Furthermore, the workshop contributes to the efforts intended to establish an integrated legislative system that promote sustainability of the agriculture sector and ensure food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. At the same time, the workshop assists in attaining food security as one of the main thrust of the government's vision and further advance ADFCA's vision and efforts to become an internationally acclaimed organization in the field of agriculture and food safety that contributes to the prosperity of the community" she said further.

According to Dr. Mariam, the workshop is a part of an integrated series of targeted workshops that intended to engage representatives from all groups of stakeholders in the development of policy and legislation governing the agricultural and food activities.

She said some sections or groups of stakeholders may have different legislative needs and diverse views on how application of these policies and legislation affect their activities. Her Excellency stated that the creative partnership between ADFCA and its stakeholders would enable conservation of such consultation approach and provide opportunity for everyone to contribute constructively to the policy-making process, bringing up legislations and the methodology of its application, and further enhance the performance quality elements to ensure the promotion of food safety and agricultural sustainability.

ADFCA, represented by Policies and Regulations Sector, is keen to seek and embrace the visions of different stakeholder groups and using them as guidance during the development of policy and legislation that include Regulations, Director Decisions, Code of Practices, and the Guidelines, she pointed.

The workshop discussed a number of key topics that included review of the issued legislation, the challenges and obstacles faced by the stakeholders and possible resolutions, and the role of Policy and Regulation Sector in the fulfillment of the stakeholders' legislative expectations.

The agenda of the workshop contained several activities such as, brainstorming, debates, and discussions that aimed to trigger the participatory role, stimulate ideas, and enable finding of practical solutions for the development needs of productive sectors and for the best application of legislation and polices aimed at protecting consumers' health and promoting sustainability of the agriculture sector.

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