5.8 tons of unfit products including fertilizers and pesticides seized
12/27/2015 11:00 PM

The second inspection and awareness campaign on agricultural facilities, jointly carried out by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Ministry of Environment & Water and Department of Economic Development has resulted in confiscating unfit products that amount in excess of 5.8 tones. It includes expired, banned or unregistered fertilizers, pesticides and seeds.

The nine-day campaign held last month targeted agricultural shops and nurseries doing their business in various parts of the emirate to ensure if they are adhering to the laws set forth to regulate handling of agricultural materials such as pesticides, fertilizers, growth promoters, seeds and saplings.

The campaign which included 17 inspectors from the three entities visited 289 facilities across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi of which 178 were found to be adhering to all regulations set forth in this regard. The inspectors found 34 facilities to have violated rules while they handed over warnings to 26 shops in addition to giving notices to 40 others.

On this occasion, H.E. Eng. Saif Mohammed Al-Shara, Assistant Undersecretary for External Audit Sector, Ministry of Environment and Water commented: "We are keen to support sustainability of environment, food safety and local produce which are Ministry's key strategic goals. It is also a national responsibility in the way forward to achieve health and safety of consumer which is set as a priority in government's strategic plan for 2021.

 He explained: "Ministry of Environment and Water is constantly working to cement the cooperation between local government entities concerned with implementing the federal laws, regulations and technical provisions which aim to ensure safety of food and sustainability of local production. We are also keen to develop systems for audit and inspection as well as to launch effective awareness campaigns for educating business owners and staff over these legislations, through joint operations between the government entities"

In his turn, Mohamed Al Fardan, Acting Director of ADFCA Communication & Community Service Division said: "Through the inspections, the authorities were able to curb handling of certain kind of pesticides which are not registered in UAE and to monitor and eliminate some common violations committed by shop owners such as not keeping proper register for supply and sale of fertilizers and pesticides"

He also stressed the need to enhance effective partnership between government entities in order to ensure that federal laws and regulations are well enforced and the safety and quality of agricultural produce are guaranteed for consumers.

It is noted that Abu Dhabi Food control authority has carried out a number of initiatives to develop food and agricultural sector in the emirate by guaranteeing profitability of the agricultural activities while sticking on to the safety and quality of the produce.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 30, 2015