ADFCA organizes workshop on Change Management through IMS
9/26/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Excellence Program Office operating under the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Abu Dhabi has organized the second phase of workshops on Change Management through Integrated Management System.

H.E. Mohammed Saeed AlNuaimi, Executive Director of Corporate Services Sector at ADFCA led the workshop which was attended by several section heads and managers hailing from different government authorities in Abu Dhabi in addition to the selected ADFCA officials.

The session provided the participants a detailed understanding about the change management and the essential skills to be armed with for achieving change. The workshop also shed light on the efforts carried out by ADFCA in the journey towards change management by applying IMS in the organization.

Mr. Al Nuaimi explained the idea of change management and its various categories along with its positive impact on the work inside the organization. Citing examples and experiments he described the characteristics of corporate change, its conditions and the way it happens practically in the organizations.

He said the implementation of IMS in ADFCA comes out of its keenness on transforming the work culture to what can be described as systematic and professional by activating mechanisms to empower the employee and the corporate units.

He pointed that ADFCA now owns a good number of change catalysts in the form of right creation of portfolios and responsibilities, right information movement, promising strategic partnerships, overall enthusiasm seen among governments organizations to rise to global in addition to the ever-expanding customer expectations.

It is noteworthy that the recently implemented Integrated Management System in ADFCA aims to achieve its vision to become an acclaimed global organization in the area of food and agriculture, effective transformation of information and expertise to the employees from the right sources, effective documentation of the entire activities and fixing the operational risks as well as those related to environment, health and safety.

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 05, 2016