ADFCA organizes consultative workshop on Risk- Based Inspection System for animal production sector
11/26/2016 11:00 PM

Policy & Risk Analysis Division at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, in collaboration with Animal Wealth Control Division has organized recently a consultative workshop on risk based inspection system targeting animal production facilities and businesses in private sector.

This comes in sync with the key principles of General Food & Agriculture Policy which stipulates that all procedures for government supervisions aiming to achieve food security as well as best operational practices for animal production facilities in the emirate should be based on scientific and risk analysis principles in addition to the integrated risk management framework and the integrated food chain (farm to fork) approach that comes in line with Abu Dhabi Plan 2016-2020

Khaled Abdulla Mazrouie, Acting Director of Policies & Risk Analysis Division said animal production firms in the private sector have an important role to play in ensuring safety and quality of food in the emirate.

"Given the private sector's strategic importance we decided to hold discussions with them to pin-point their opinions and suggestions with the objective of easing implementation of the inspection system"- he said.

The project to implement risk based inspection system will cover all kind of animal production facilities such as cattle farms, fish farms and chicken farms in addition to the facilities that gives inputs to the sector like animal feed production centers, veterinary clinics, pharmacies and other related facilities.

The project is aiming to increase the level of food safety in the emirate, to spread best agricultural practices, achieving requirements for bio-security, combating epidemic animal diseases, to develop prevailing inspection methods and review the existing legislative structure coordinating with relevant stake holders.

Sessions included expert presentations and the general discussions. 

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 30, 2016