More than 100 UAE nationals join ADFCA supported programs in Veterinary Science & Medicine
3/26/2016 11:00 PM

The Academic programs in veterinary science and veterinary medicine Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has offered in collaboration with leading educational institutions in the country has become successful as a good number of UAE local students completed courses and waiting to commence their careers at reputed organizations.

The project, being executed by ADFCA with the cooperation of Ministry of Climate Change & Environment as well as the Ministry of Presidential Affairs will substantially strengthen ADFCA's efforts to upgrade the overall situation of the livestock sector in the country apart from contributing substantially in the task to guarantee bio-security.

Currently 53 local students are doing their studies in the veterinary science program at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Al Ain and Sharjah. Out of 16 who completed Diploma in Veterinary Science in 2014 from Higher Colleges of Technology, 13 joined in various ADFCA jobs in this field. While three out of these employees discontinued the profession later in order to enroll in the Veterinary Medicine program in UAE University, another three were sent out of the country to pursue their degrees.

On the other hand, currently a group of fifty students are pursuing the Veterinary Medicine program at UAE University which will produce qualified veterinary doctors in the country soon. The program which is considered to be first and unique of its kind in the national level is having an advanced methodology joining theories and practical learning. During this five year period, the entrant will have the chance to complete his masters as well as doctorate in addition to getting job in any of the reputed organizations.

The courses are receiving good acceptance from the side of students given the chances it creates to easily get jobs in municipalities, clinics, and veterinary hospitals across the country.

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  • Last Updated On: Mar 28, 2016