Surprise visit on food facilities to inspect products from Asian countries
11/25/2015 11:00 PM

As part of its efforts to ensure that only safe food is available in Abu Dhabi markets, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has carried out surprise visits recently on various food facilities in the emirate , with the focus being on food products from Asian countries.

During the drive, the inspectors confirmed source of production and food labels in order to ensure that products are up to the mark in terms of standards and requirements in place in Abu Dhabi.

While 8 out of the 13 facilities underwent inspections found to be fulfilling all the mandatory requirements, two were given warnings and three others were handed over violation slips for faulting in fulfilling requirements and abiding the regulations.

During the visits, ADFCA officials enlightened the facility owners and staff with food safety principles, rules and regulations to be followed while selling food stuff.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 26, 2015