ADFCA closes All Stir Fry Restaurant for violating food safety regulations
10/25/2016 11:00 PM

​Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has ordered administrative closure of 'All Stir Fry' Restaurant operating inside Mushrif Mall for not complying with the health and food safety standards set forth by the food control body.

While commenting on the administrative action against the food facility, Thamer AlQasemi, ADFCA Spokesperson said: "the closure comes after we noticed that the management had failed to better the situations in the facility and eliminate things that were causing violation to the rules and requirements even after our inspectors had handed over notifications as per procedure during the visits."

He said, ADFCA inspectors had issued 'Notice' then 'Warning' and the 'Final Warning' before slapping them with 'Violation' ticket to remove the elements that caused violations.

"As there was no positive response even after these procedural steps we moved to close the facility to avoid risks it creates to the health and safety of public" Thamer AlQasemi said.

According to him the facility would remain closed till the management eliminates the reasons that caused violation. Once they clear things that resulted in administrative closure, they would be allowed to run their business in line with the rules and regulations in force in Abu Dhabi emirate, he said.

It is  learnt that the reasons that led to the administrative closure in this case are : poor storage for food products, presence of food products without food label, poor hygiene in the kitchen and storage, poor condition of floorings and roofs, leaving kitchen door open, keeping inflammable objects and personal clothing near food products, presence of insects, non-renewal of pest control contract, non-completion of expected percentage of staff training and finally no-renewal of trade license for the facility.

In the wake of new administrative closure, ADFCA Spokesperson urged public to be careful about safety of food. He requested consumers to contact authorities at 800555 if any kind of violations come across from the part of businesses that handle food products.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 02, 2016